• Syllabus

    Textbook: Principles of Macroeconomics, Seven Edition (2015) by N. Gregory Mankiw

    Study Guide: Study Guide for Mankiw’s Principles of Macroeconomics by David R. Hakes. A nice resource for those who want additional practice problems and chapter summaries.

Introduction Chapter
       Ten principles of economics 1
       Thinking like an economist 2
       Interdependence and the gains from trade 3
Supply and Demand
       The market forces of supply and demand 4
       Supply, demand, and government policies 6
The Data of Macroeconomics
       Measuring a nation’s income 10
       Measuring the cost of living 11
The Real Economy in the Long Run
       Saving, investment, & the financial system 13
       Unemployment 15
Money and Prices in the Long Run
       The monetary system 16
Short Run Economic Fluctuations
       Aggregate demand and aggregate supply 20