• Fall 2016
    Fall 2016
    Teaching Evaluation

    “His computer skills made the class seem so easy. He provided all the in class notes, slides, and practice exams online. Made it easy for us to find them by offering a Facebook page which posted updates on the posted assignments/documents. His personal website offered good resources for us to understand the material as well as excel in it. He is always in a positive attitude which make me personally excited to go to class. Allows students to go to the board and solve practice exam questions which challenges students as well as teaches those who have a hard time understanding by seeing how others approach complex problems.”

    “Well thought out lectures, lecture handouts, and exams were extremely beneficial in my understanding of the subject. On top of this, Dr. Yimga’s knowledge and expertise in economics greatly aided in discussions and question posed during class. Finally, his eagerness to see us learn greatly aided my learning of the subject.”

    “Professor Yimga provided lecture notes prior to the class period that I found extremely helpful; it allowed me time to focus more on the content of the lecture than requiring a fruitless rush to gather all crucial information, because it was already written down for me. He also gave clear examples and worked them out on the board when the slides of the presentation weren’t as explanatory, and occasionally even had students could come to the board to work a problem out; in that way he catered to some of the different learning styles of myself and my peers. The extra credit was also exceptionally helpful, because it provided more practice with the topic material while presenting an opportunity to better our grades as an incentive to truly learn and understand.”

    “The instructor brought a lot of energy to the classroom, and the lectures were very enjoyable. In addition, he tries to give students as many resources to help them succeed as he can, rewarding things like attendance and participation, as well as supplying lecture notes, power points, and practice exams for reference.”

    “Having students come up to the board to solve problems, I was able to get a better understanding of how to break it down and work through it”

    “The in-class examples where very helpful in learning the material.”

    “He is very encouraging and helpful, especially when it comes to one on one help in office hours.”

    “I really like his notes and power points. They were very useful and his expectations were pretty clearly laid out. I also liked playing Kahoot and going over example problems in classed. He’s a pretty entertaining guy and likes to have a little fun during class which I appreciate.”

    “His handouts allowed us to keep track with him and still “take notes”; the handouts also gave lots of examples to practice with and look back on for future references.”

    “Dr. Yimga maintained a really nice pace through the course, going slower for more abstract topics as necessary and did a great job of doing so. He also had multiple examples to show exactly what he expected of us and provided lecture notes which provided a splendid summary of the material he would cover in class.”

    “Dr. Yimga’s lectures were well structured using handouts. The handouts allowed the students to listen to the what was being taught rather than just having us focus on writing notes down. I thought this was super helpful.”

    “The printed lecture notes helped a lot with the homework/tests.”

    “Enthusiasm and clarity of explanation.”

    “He always held office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays and would go over whatever issue we, the student were struggling with in detail and would make sure we fully understand it.”

    “Professor Yimga is very knowledgeable in Economics and shows this in his examples during class. The best method he uses in fact is just that, teaching by example.”

    “The way he presents his notes, and doing examples in class helped the most.”

    “His knowledge in applying the material to practical use.”

    “Attempts at trying to rally students within the class to be excited about taking the course was amusing to students and made many feel better or at least wake up in the mornings.”

    “Dr. Yimga was very organized, providing the notes necessary for all chapters at the beginning of the semester and kept all relevant information/files updated and accessible.”

    “Professor Yimga is incredible enthusiastic about his class, in addition he goes out of his way to be accommodating and give us the things we need to do well in his class (online lecture notes, exam practice tests, etc.). I have really enjoyed this class, Professor Yimga is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

    “His many use of charts and examples to show the real world application of what we were doing in class”

    “The handouts and how they correlate to the presentations.”

    “His enthusiasm and clarity when answering questions was very helpful”

    “Professor did a great job in all aspects of the class. No improvement needed. Homework was clear but hard. Exam prep was excellent.”

    “His enthusiasm and willingness to explain items in extra detail really stood out to me as key factors in our classes understanding. When you’re able to get into the material in such a fun manner, it makes the learning that much easier and enjoyable.”

    “My instructor’s ability to clearly explain aspects of the subject matter in terms that were easily understood was very helpful. He did not make logic leaps, and his explanations allowed the students to follow along without confusion. However, when there was a question, he was always willing to stop and answer the question.”

    “Yimga is a wonderful professor who explained the material in a way that anyone could understand”

    “The lecture notes and study guide are very helpful to prepare for the test.”

    “I feel that the Lecture Notes provided by Professor Yimga really helped my learning because while I did not have to put all of my attention into writing down the notes, I still had to pay attention to fill in the blanks.”

    “lectures were structured and well organized”

    “His enthusiasm for the topics and his ability to communicate ideas effectively so that I am able to understand easily.”

    “He is very excited to teach about economics. He really wants you to learn and isn’t afraid to crack jokes or use silly examples to help students learn. It’s fun and you remember the material.”

    “It helped that Professor Yimga was very enthusiastic about the class and that he actually went over certain areas that the class felt like they were struggling at.”

    “He’s passionate about economics and explains thing well. The presentation notes were very useful as well.”

    “He is a very fun teacher to have. part of the reason I paid attention was because he is enjoyable to listen to as well as he has an interesting way of making examples relevant.”

    “Dr. Yimga is very patient and listens well to students who have questions. They was exceptionally encouraging and beneficial for me as a student! Thank you!”

    “Professor Yimga’s worksheets are incredibly helpful – especially the fact that he has fill in the blank spots so we have to work in order for them to be useful. It makes it easy to follow along and take really good notes at the same time.”

  • Spring 2016
    Spring 2016
    Teaching Evaluation

    “Jules was an absolutely amazing teacher!! I am so glad I was able to have him for my first class in Economics!!!”

    “Sometimes you were going to fast on the PowerPoint, and I’m too slow of a writer.”

    “Jules is the best teacher ever, legend!”

    “He did a great job trying to get the classes involvement. I love his upbeat attitude like he really wants to be here. I wish we could have had more class discussions in small groups, about relevant topics.”

    “Jules is a good teacher.”

    “Jules Yimga you are literally the best! I love going to your class. The way you make such a boring (sorry) and hard subject so fun and interesting is why you’re so great!”

    “Good overall teacher.”

    “Good teacher, always is excited for class and explains very good.”

    “I learned a lot in this class, the “real” life scenarios provided by Mr. Yimga were very helpful in the learning of this course.”

    “I really liked the handouts and Facebook page. I liked the handouts so we didn’t have to scramble to write down everything and it was very organized.”

    “Jules is always facilitating a fun workspace. His use of technology makes it easier to stay on top of everything! Love his personal website and Facebook page!”

    “Good teacher, my mind didn’t like econ though.”

    “Overall a great professor and very willing to help students. The alternative grading scale is a great incentive and a perfect way to reward those who come to class.”

    “Great teacher!”

    “At the beginning of the semester it was really hard to grasp the concepts and I didn’t find them explained well for me due to the Powerpoint format, that took getting used to.”

    “You’re awesome, but slow down when you teach sometimes.”

    “I like the Facebook page, sometimes it’s easier to learn from other students than from an instructor. The notes are pointless. They are both a waste of paper, and the fill in the blank format makes me unable to focus on your teaching. Please either post the Powerpoint from the beginning or simplify them so we can write them in class. Generally, a good teacher.”

    “He’s a good teacher, just a boring hard confusing subject to me.”

    “I liked the Facebook page, made it easy to get help on the HW assignments.”

    “This class is very useful.”

    “Don’t let one or two students run the class and get off topic. Stay on track and focus on teaching rather than letting individuals dominate the class sharing their own opinions. Other than that the class was very nice and I felt like I was able to take in a lot about Economics.”

    “Professor Yimga is a great teacher. Makes class interesting and you can tell he really cares about his students. Would recommend other students to take.”

    “Jules is the best teacher ever! He’s a nice guy that is understandable and always willing to help.”


    “Jules gives you lots of opportunities to succeed with multiple tries on homework and the alternative grading scale and those things are very helpful and encouraging.”

    “Great teacher, would definitely take another one of his classes.”

    “Jules is very personable, great teacher. 10/10”

    “Very good teacher. Keeps the class interesting.”


    “You da man!”

    “You do an awesome job Mr. Yimga.”

    “I think Jules is a great person overall, but I feel his teaching in class could be better. He was tremendously helpful outside of class as well. The reason for the low scores is because compared to what he is capable of, he can do much better at teaching the material in class and I am confident that he will. The only question is how.”

    “He is organized, well-prepared for class and explains material thoroughly. I didn’t fully understand the way he explains it and I think the information is very difficult.”

    “Yimga is one of my favorite instructors because he actually cares about his students and makes the effort to make sure that we understand the material. He’s enthusiastic during his lectures and is willing to stop to further explain a topic when students don’t understand. I also appreciate that he gives us plenty of opportunity such as assignments and attendance to help improve our grade and succeed in this course. His teaching style definitely motivates me to come to class every MWF.”

    “I felt like this class gave me a better understanding of macroeconomics.”

    “Mr. Yimga is great at explaining things to you in layman terms which is very helpful. Great teacher.”


    “The Facebook page was a great idea”

    “Jules is a great teacher who takes time to thoroughly explain subjects that would otherwise be hard to grasp initially. Keep doing your thing, Jules, you rock.”

    “I hope you have a good time at your new job, I really enjoyed your class.”

    “Jules was an awesome teacher!!! I’m so glad I was able to have him for my first course in economics!!”

    “I really liked your class this semester. I’m just not that great when it come down to the actual economics part of the class. You taught us very well in my opinion, but like I said economics just isn’t my strong area. Thank you so much for all that you do to help us further our education!”

    “I really enjoy economics and I think its because the instructors passion about the subject. I learned a lot from this course and will be taking Microeconomics at Kansas State in the fall!”

    “I think it would be more helpful if he used more real life examples and talked about real life corporations, businesses, and government policies, where we are able to evaluate and analyze them. Maybe have some type of project to help us understand better. Overall, you can tell he really cares for his students.”

    “I didn’t know a lot about economics when I first started taking this course, but I had certainly learned a lot by the end. Very well-taught course, in addition to real-life examples of economics in the modern world. I would definitely take a class with Dr. Yimga again.”

    “You are an excellent professor.”

  • Fall 2015
    Fall 2015
    Teaching Evaluation

    “You teach the material well and can be very interesting when talking about other things. If you would just combine both things that would make me more interested in what you are teaching. I do love the format of your tests and think overall you’re a great teacher!”

    “Tough, but fun course! Thank you”

    “Thank you for teaching here at Highland, I am very glad to have had you an instructor. At first I did not want to take economics, but you have made it very easy to understand. I am looking forward to continuing my study of economics.”

    “Overall Jules is an excellent teacher. He truly cares about helping students learn. He is always available to help us outside of class. He does a good job getting the information to where students can understand. His guided notes with graphs help tremendously.”
    “He is a very easy going professor. The classes are sometimes kind of boring, but it’s economics so there’s not much you can do.”

    “I appreciate you explaining concepts in ways that we understand. I appreciate the study sessions for tests.”

    “Great class. A personal preference was that it kind of annoyed me when we would spend a lot of class time answering slightly irrelevant questions so we couldn’t get through all the material, but I know that’s not your fault.”

    “Jules has been great, very smart, funny and cares a lot. Good teacher! No complaints here!!!”

    “Professor Yimga has been great all semester. He is very good at explaining information and making the material understandable. The practice tests are very helpful when preparing for the mid terms.”

    “Very helpful during class. Explains the material clearly and makes going to class enjoyable.”

    “I really liked the handouts and how easily they went along with the textbook. I would lie to use a little bit of class time to go over questions similar to the test before review day. Often the questions are more advanced than what we cover in class. Mr. Yimga made a ‘boring class’ fun and interesting. He made the material relevant to our lives.”

    “Jules always comes to class energetic and excited to teach, obviously knows the subject matter to a T and seems to genuinely want to pass on what he knows.”

    “I think our exams are pretty straight-forward. The outlined notes are extremely helpful.”

    “Jules is very caring. He made a Facebook page to help us communicate with other students which was very helpful. He also gives fair exams and doesn’t overwhelm us with too many chapters.”

    “I really like how prepared you are and how much effort you put into this class. It was really nice when you offered to have a review session last minute when we still didn’t understand. I also like how you have created a group on Facebook. It helps me keep up-to-date with the info in class.”

    “I like the handouts. Extra study sessions outside of class time were very helpful.”

    “Jules care so much about his students, works with us to help us understand. He is very approachable and works so well with our age group. I was so scared to take this course because my teacher for Macro wasn’t good but I love coming, I don’t mind it at all and I’m getting an A! And I’m understanding the subject matter and this is really not my area of interest.”

    “Jules is a great teacher. Easily one of the best professors I have had here at Kansas State. I would recommend him to anyone.”

    “Always brings a lot of enthusiasm to class and method of attendance was ingenious. The method itself an example of economics. Had fun in class despite the sometimes dry course material.”

    “The handouts and practice exams are very helpful and easy to follow. Very helpful in breaking down the content to a level that everyone can understand and keeping everyone caught up!”

    “Jules Yimga is one of my favorite instructors. He is passionate about the subject and clearly enjoys teaching. His examples and practice problems have helped me learn the subject and understand it.”

    “He is very helpful and always has a smile on his face. He really does care about the subject and students which I think is very rare. Great teacher!”

    “Very good instructor, who is down to earth and knows how to relate to college students. I like the handouts a lot and the practice exams he gives out to us.”

    “You’re cool.”

    “Jules Yimga has been as good of an instructor I could have asked for. What benefits me the most in the class are his printed out notes. This makes it a lot more clear for me to follow along during the lectures.”

    “One of the best professors I’ve ever had.”

    “I enjoy this class very much, I took Survey of Econ last semester and was convinced I hated Micro, but you sir, have changed my mind.”

    “I wish there were opportunities for extra credit worth more points because my test grades don’t reflect the amount I study and I don’t think my overall grade is completely fair.”

    “Jules has been a great instructor. He’s great at explaining the subject matter in a way that is easy to understand. Mr. Yimga also uses a fair grading system which encourages students to go to class. He could answer emails.”

    “Thank you for being so generous to the ones who attend class. It’s a tough class to understand sometimes and the curve makes up for that.”

    “Good overall.”

    “Jules Yimga is a great teacher, very motivated to help students to learn about the subject.”

    “Jules is very caring for his students and truly is very passionate about Econ. I would relate material more to current topics that the students can understand. Overall very awesome professor. Glad I took Econ with Yimga.”

    “Jules Yimga is a very good teacher. Takes time to connect to students and makes us want to learn. Thoroughly enjoy him as a professor.”

    “Jules is an excellent teacher all around. Well rounded and seems to be passionate about the subject. Thank you for your dedication and work in the field. Because of Jules I am now thinking of minoring in Economics.”

    “Jules Yimga is a very fair, and relatable professor, takes care of his students in and beyond their education.”

    “Your grading scale is incredible. I love you.”

    “A great amount of resources for test prep and homework help. Facebook page is good, keeps class interesting.”

    “Very well prepared for class and shows a lot of enthusiasm for the subject.”

    “The Facebook page is money. Your grading scale is a great idea, I love it. You always have good energy and you always struck me as a cool instructor.”

    “Enjoyed your teaching style, really actually learned and always felt prepared for exams. Grading scale made me feel like you cared about the content and if we learned it rather than just letting us fail. As a student, favorite teacher. You rock!”

    “Professor Yimga is probably one of the top 5 best teachers I’ve ever had. He makes econ fun and exciting, and his ability to communicate information in an understandable way is second to none.”

    “Jules Yimga is a great econ professor!”

    “Jules Yimga is a great teacher. It is very obvious that he wants the best for his students. Very happy to have got him as an instructor.”

    “Great teacher. Actually cares about the students and is fair. Always makes sure we understand the material. Overall great guy.”

    “Jules Yimga does a great job of providing real world examples. Having a Facebook page is very helpful for us students to ask questions and have them answered quickly. Homework assignments could be discussed more in class or worked through.”

    “Loved the grading system, handouts, and evening reviews. The class as a whole was good and glad I could get a good grade in it.”

    “Jules is always in a great mood and that makes this class enjoyable. I love to come to class because he is always so excited to teach us.”

    “Jules is a very good instructor. He is also kind and makes the class feel comfortable. He wants us to do well in this course and really seems to care about the subject matter. He has been one of my favorite professors thus far.”

    “I think he is a quality teacher and is very good at connecting with the students. Some questions on the tests have very strange wording, but that is maybe 3 questions total, and 2 had similarly worded examples on the practice exam, so only 1 was a problem. I think those few questions are the only real weakness. He is a very enjoyable teacher, and I’d like to take another one of his classes.”

    “Jules is the best professor ever, he is hilarious and keeps the class interested. He is very fair and truly care about his students. I love the handouts because it keeps me involved. I look forward to this class because of Jules so thank you for being such a great professor!”

    “Honestly, one of my favorite teachers I have had at K-State. He is very fair and understanding. He takes time out of his nights as well to set up study sessions for tests and always gives us great studying material!”

    “He understands that Microeconomics isn’t for everyone and he does his best to help us with that and be fair. Highly, highly recommend.”

    “Jules is a great teacher and has made Econ a fun subject.”

    “I think there is a lot of time that could be used more efficiently if you didn’t ask as many questions to the class. Also, I find it more helpful when teachers use only one form of taking notes like your power points and not the hand written.”

    “I believe he was an effective teacher. Overall his methods were helpful with the use of print out packets that were used in class. My only regret is that I did not use tutoring early on in the semester.”

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed your class. Maybe try to include more pictures and examples for those students who are more creative thinkers. If you do this, I think the course will benefit greatly. Thank you for all your hard work!”

    “At Highland you were so helpful and wanted us to all succeed. You taught in a manner that I understood and knew when we didn’t with out us even saying so. I really enjoyed your class and thanks for being such a great teacher!”

    “I thought Jules did a very good job of teaching this class”

    “I really enjoyed this class, however, I would get confused on when the homework was due”

    “I enjoyed the class.”

    “Great instructor, great class!”

    “Jules, you were an excellent instructor and your handouts were very helpful. You have given me a good foundation to build my understanding of economics off of. Take care”

    “I think sometimes you overexplained things and took much time on matters that were pretty simple. Overall you were really good and fair tho!”

    “Great teacher, fun class, learned a lot”

    “I loved this class! I feel as if I got a lot more out of this class then I anticipated!”

    “I took this class because I felt very comfortable with the teaching style from macroeconomics. Going to miss having you as a teacher”

    “Very well organized course as well as instructor. Lectures were often long and seemed to get redundant over a chapter but the extra explanation helped in learning the material. Personally very interested in economics and has very vast knowledge about the subjects.”

    “You’re one of the best professors I’ve ever had. I love your teaching style! Thanks for making me want to learn more!”

    “Handouts were very helpful, as opposed to writing out all the notes.”

  • Summer 2015
    Summer 2015
    “I like how you provide us with notes to fill in as you lecture.”

    “Professor Yimga comes dressed nice and well prepared for class on a daily basis. He stresses deadlines and makes sure everybody has a chance to understand the material. Very friendly.”

    “I love your teaching style. You made this class interesting and left me wanting to learn more about the subject. Thanks for being a great professor!”

    “I really like the Facebook page.. I think it is helpful. Notes are easy to follow but got a little long… I know it’s hard to cover that much in such a short amount of time… Maybe only drop one homework so students have more points. Thanks for teaching the class!”

    “I was nervous about take economics in general, I am very glad to have had you as an Instructor. I have learned much. Thank you for including real world examples, and explaining the material very well. I must admit that I am interested in continuing the study of choice.”

    “Truly cares about his students. A rare instructor.”

    “Very cool teacher, taught the class very well. Would recommend to anyone looking to take an Economics class.”

    “Mr. Yimga has gone the extra mile in ensuring that students not only understand the course content, he gives enough group practice and revision exercises to ensure our mastery. He is always well-prepared and provides multiple forums to reach out to him and each other for clarification. I was timid and fearful about this subject. Now with Mr. Yimga’s expertise I have maintained an ‘A’ in a class I thought I would only scrape through. Hats off to an excellent educator!”

  • Spring 2015
    Spring 2015
    “A very well organized class. After this class I have a better understanding about macroeconomics”

    “He is a good teacher. His enthusiasm brightens the day. He loves to help his students out. He takes pride in his job and that makes the class better.”

    “Instructor Yimga did a phenomenal job on putting the importance of learning and understanding rather than making grades. He connects very well with public audiences and does a seemingly fluid effort in putting himself in the teaching role. His grading policy based on attendance is genius, and is a tool that should be used amongst other instructors who want their students to be present for class and thus learn. Four and a half stars for Instructor Yimga.”

    “Great teaching methods and helping students understand step by step. Sometimes a little too nice especially when students are disruptive and making unnecessary comments. But very approachable and attentive to students and their ability to comprehend. Available outside of class which is a huge plus. Very enthusiastic about course material and in making sure that students understand it.”

    “Great style of teaching. The lectures were interesting and having the lecture notes for the slides made it more engaging. Best educator I have had, wishing him more success.”

    “Great professor, dedicated to student success and always shows up with a great attitude and is highly effective as a teacher. Will take classes in future with Jules if possible.”
    “You’re doing a great job! There are many times when I understand the material well, mostly because you help me engage. Try to engage everyone in the class.”

    “I thought it was very helpful to have the printed notes with the blanks. It gave me incentive to pay attention. The grading scale also gave me incentive to come to class.”

    “He’s cool.”

    “He was an awesome teacher this semester! I wish he can teach all of my classes! Very understanding and patient.”

    “You were a great teacher, always willing to help when necessary, explained everything well, and always came prepared.”

    “Mr. Yimga have given me a positive experience in his business statistic course. I admire his energy, passion and, enthusiasm of his profession, keep up the good work!”

    “Overall! I give this instructor an A. He is very caring and fair with everyone! He has a wonderful personality that makes the class better. That is needed with this 3 Hr course. Thank you!”

    “It is my opinion that Jules makes every effort to make sure his students understand the material and what is expected of his students.”

    “Over all good class, pros, love the modified grading system, liked the extra credit “when we could get it” very prompted at answering emails when we needed help. Cons, wish there was more extra credit, charts could be confusing at times to read.”
    “Review more of exams.”

    “He is a good teacher. He is patient.”

    “He is very positive and energetic. He made a rather boring class bearable!”

    “Professor Yimga is a very enthusiastic teacher who cares very deeply about every one of his students’ success. It started out a little roughly, but he was able to work through the bumps and keep lectures moving at a reasonable and comfortable pace. I would enjoy having another course with him as the Professor.”
    “Jules is a great teacher who made me increase my interest in the class. Is nice to see how teacher love their job. He should keep teaching because he do great.”

    “Maybe have attendance taken occasionally in the middle of class.”

    “Too many graphs! Which led to confusion. But otherwise great teacher!”

    “More extra credit.”

    “It would be nice if you let us keep the tests so we’d know which ones we got wrong after the test.”

    “I was not at all looking forward to this class, but Professor Yimga made Econ interesting and relatable, and encouraged everyone to come to class.”

    “Keep the extra credit a videos. I love The Office.”

    “You didn’t need to be so lenient with test scores and homework scores being left out. It motivates people less, it seems.”

    “Jules is a purdy good teacher.”

    “Don’t allow so many students to always be late. It is annoying and disruptive.”

    “you were an overall great teacher i think if the class wasn’t once a week and was twice it would be easier to understand everything”

    “Everything is really good. Thank you.”

    “Very effective at showing the meaning of some of the notes on the marker board.”

    “He is very knowledgeable and friendly, but kind of bland to listen to.”

    “You seem very excited about economics. You use great examples.”

    “It would be nice if on review he would go over the whole review after asking questions.”

    “Jules is very dedicated to his students. He teaches effectively and is always excited to teach! Very happy I took this course with him!”

    “Really good instructor, subject isn’t the easiest.”

    “Of all of the teachers that I’ve had so far, you has been my favorite by far. Your charisma during class makes a boring subject bearable.”

    “The only negative I can think about for this class is how slow it is. I know we still cover everything, but at some points I feel we could teach the class twice over in the time we’re given.”

    “Very good instructor, communicates the material well.”

    “I greatly enjoy the class, and teaching, although I feel verry strongly that the week break between classes is a great disservice to the students. It is of no fault to the instructor, however CCCC needs to recognize this defeciency and break the class down into a 2-3 times per week course”

    “Great class! I learned a great deal. Better teaching method then last semester. Very effective and I’ve recommended this course to other people i know.”

    “Overall, Jules is the best professor I have had at Kansas State. Thanks for the extra mile you take to help us. For example Facebook and ability to answer all emails.”

    “I like The Office videos we watch. Also like the supplemental info i.e. websites, videos, graphs.”

  • Fall 2014
    Fall 2014
    “This instructor is great. I think he is the best TA I ever had.”

    “Jules Yimga has been one of the best professors I have had. I have learned so much in this class.”

    “Best Economics teacher in explaining the subject matter where people could understand.”

    “Very well prepared, enjoyable to listen too, knows material very well, excellent use of multiple ways to teach (i.e. homework, practice tests, lectures, and book notes.”

    “Jules is easily one of the best teachers I have ever had at K-State. He is genuinely interested in helping everyone learn and goes out of his way to make his students successful.”

    “This should be a required course. People could learn the confusing ways of money.”

    “Mr. Yimga cares for his students and their grades. Just sometimes hard to understand.”

    “Mr. Yimga obviously cares about his students and wants us to actually learn the material as opposed to just memorizing it! Great teacher overall!”

    ” Mr. Yimga is eloquent and clear in his teaching and responsive to student needs. Best graduate teacher I have ever had.”

    “The teacher did an amazing job and I only wish other teachers taught with his style. He made it very clear what was due and he made it simple”

    ” He does a very good job of making the information easy to understand.”

    “Very nice teacher.”

    “Appreciated the change in lecture format”

    “I really enjoyed taking this course. Jules is a great instructor and always made coming to class a fun and worth the time. I learned a lot with his teaching style.”

    “A very good teacher. He made the class very interesting, was very helpful when students asked questions and explained the class material very well.”

    “Very good instructor that knew what he was teaching to us and helping us understand this subject.”

  • Summer 2014
    Summer 2014
    “Jules has always been on time and well prepared for class. I appreciate how thoroughly he describes points, even if they are basic (because they are the foundation of the material). he is a fun and energetic teacher even if students are not.”

    “Jules is a good teacher. He’s friendly and likeable and explains the course material thoroughly. My only complaint would be that the course materials are too easy and simple”

    “Great teacher! We need more teachers like him! Very professional.”

    “Excellent teacher, he is very enthused to teach and help students learn. If only every department had instructors like him! Very professional as well.”

    “Fabulous instructor who seems to have a passion for this subject. He takes the time and puts in maximum effort to help us be successful.”

    “This teacher is passionate about the subject matter. I could be doing better in the class if I put the same 100% he is putting into it.”

    “Overall, a very good instructor. the material makes sense and is easy to understand.”

    “Very effective teacher. Engaging and knew when he had lost the class and needed to bring everyone to a level of understanding. Put a great deal of effort into the class and helped me learn a lot.”

    “Great instruction, I have learned a lot and think about Economics in a different way now.”

    “Jules is a very good teacher. He just needs to work on speaking louder in class.”

    “Jules is a delightful teacher, his enthusiasm has increased my interest in this subject.”

    “Very excellent instructor! I had no interest or motivation to go through this class, but he has helped me learn more about Macro.”

    “Great teacher and makes things easier to understand.”

    “Great instructor. Enjoy coming to his class.”

  • Spring 2014
    Spring 2014
    “Very great instructor with excellent knowledge of macroeconomics. This guy wants you to learn and understand what your learning and is there to be sure the job gets done! Great instructor, very funny and all around great person!”

    “He is one of the best if not the best instructor I’ve had. He always makes sure that any and all questions students have are answered before he moves on. He can tell when people don’t understand the topic completely and then try to simplify it so everyone can understand it. He is also very easy to contact outside of class. Overall I’d give him a 10 out of 10.”

    “Dear Jules, I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work this semester! You clearly explained the topics and you were always quick to help us when we did not understand. Thanks for being a great teacher. Sincerely, B.M.”

    “Hello Mr. Yimga,
    I want to thank you for a great semester. At first I did not want to take this course because it wasn’t something “related to my major” in my mind. I really learned a lot this semester. I want to thank you for making my first economics experience a great one!”

    “Thank you for being such a wonderful instructor”

    “I thought this was a very good class. Jules is very smart and a very good teacher. I appreciate his teaching skills.”

    “Jules is an awesome teacher and really shows that he loves economics. Any person would be lucky to be in a classroom that he teaches. I highly recommend him as a teacher.”

    “Jules has an excellent way of teaching the materials that are assigned in class. He does a very good job of making sure that he is very thorough during his lectures and highlights important topics. I’ve learned more than I ever expected through his teachings.”

    “Jules is a great teacher and really shows a passion for economics as well as helping others to learn it as well! I would highly recommend taking any economics class that he teaches!”

    “Jules you are an awesome teacher. I had a lot going on in my life and wish I could have done better. I wish you the best of luck as you make a fine instructor.”

    “Very understandable teaching method.”

    “Definitely a great teacher. Made the class easier to understand.”

    “Jules was an excellent teacher, he showed knowledge of the material and made sure that we knew the material as well.”

    “Enjoyed the class as much as I could. Economics is a hard subject to make interesting but Jules at least helped me understand it better”

    “You are a great teacher. I had a lot of issues going on in my life. I really wish i could have taken the class without all that was going on outside of class as I think i would have enjoyed it much more. Thank you”

    “he is an awesome teacher, he’s welling to do anything to help his students, and always goes above ad beyond to meet our needs. i showed up late for a test because of work, and i explained to him what happened, and he set up another time to take the test, he’s an A+”

    “While most economic teachers start jumping into GDP talk expecting students to already have an understanding of how it works, Mr. Yimga does a great job of teaching the basic principles of the subject before bringing everything together as a whole.”

    “If I had any more required economics classes, I would take them from Jules.”

    “In my opinion I think you have been a great teacher and I would love to take another class taught by you.”

    “Overall you do a very good job.”

    “Very good about breaking down the subject so that all students understand and stay on track.”

    “It was great having you as a professor!”

    “Thank you for teaching this semester. I really enjoyed it!”

    “Thank you so much! I enjoyed having you as my professor.”

    “It was fun to learn from him and to get him to learn from us as well. Though at times we got off track it was still fun to learn about real world scenarios too.”

    “This is the second teacher I had that provides a study guide which I find very helpful because saves time and energy especially for people who has a full time job. Keep it up!”

  • Fall 2013
    Fall 2013
    “If you need help with Econ, or Math, Jules is the best.”

    “Thanks for the enjoyable semester”

    “Thank you very much for the help!”

    “I Enjoy your class.”

    “Thanks for teaching this semester, the class had its struggles but I think overall it went well.”

    “Jules is an excellent tutor and is very knowledgeable. He is always on time and always willing to answer my questions. He responds very timely to my phone calls, text messages, and emails. I would highly recommend him to any students needing academic assistance on K-State campus.”

    “He draws graphs a lot which helps because I am a visual learner and uses lots of examples. He understands when I ask him questions, because he answers them and makes sure that I am understanding the concepts. He is very patient with me. A very good tutor!”

    “I have to say that it is very helpful when you show us and do some exercises with us. Thanks to your way to teach I am able to understand what I didn’t understand before”

    “I dont know about anyone else, but you have made things really easy for me to understand. And your also teaching simpler methods to solving problems that the textbook would make more complicated. I like simple.”

    “Mr. Yimga makes prealgebra not only understandable, but also enjoyable. He makes sure everyone understands the material before moving on and makes sure you know he is available by email 24/7.”

    “I really enjoy coming to class. You break things down and simplify things to where I can understand them better. I feel when it comes to the homework maybe be a little more relaxed with the grading and give students an opportunity to fix their mistakes for half credit.”

    “He has been very helpful and this is a much easier format to answer”

  • Summer 2013
    Summer 2013
    “Great, fun teacher! Loved his positive thoughts. Worked well with students”

    “He is always prepared for class. Accommodates his students, works on a subject till everyone understands”

    “Good job!”

  • Spring 2013
    Spring 2013
    “I didn’t get a chance to thank you before I left, for being a very good teacher! I learned more in your class than I did in Micro by far. Keep doing what your doing with all of the “drawn out” in class examples, that method is way more effective than the power points were towards the end of the class.”

    “Thank you for teaching us in this semester. Your class was very wonderful for me!!”

  • Fall 2012
    Fall 2012
    “Instructor is very avid about explaining concepts and make a tremendous effort in helping the students understand this course.”

    “Good communication, does examples well and makes a genuine effort to engage class.”

    “The instructor is very knowledgeable and communicates effectively.”

    “I told a couple of my friends about your class and they enrolled in it! I told them that I really enjoyed the fast pace of the course and you are good at simplifying the material.”